What advantages do you see in creating your own content over using content created by others? What disadvantages?


  1. The content will be exactly what you want it to be and will match with your course and course curriculum. Ready-made content often times is related to the subject but may not be exactly what your want to convey. The ready-made content may be too advanced or too simplistic for your audience and can leave students either confused and uncertain or bored.
  2. Creating your own content is an excellent way for students to get connected to the instructor and/or course. This is especially important for an online course.
  3. The instructor can employ pedagogy by creating content.
  4. We all have knowledge of ready-made content produced by textbook publishers. One example is Power Points. Power Points that are ready-made rarely align to the audience. I always find myself adding, deleting, and modifying such ready-made content.
  5. Using your own content allows the instructor to really hone in on the learning points.


  1. There is never enough time in the day and creating content takes time.
  2. Subject matter may require significant research, again, taking large chunks of time out of one’s day.
  3. Content created by others rarely contain errors. Conversely, it is extremely important to check and double-check your content to make sure it is error free.
  4. Ready-made content can be richly developed using advanced editing tools and graphics.
  5. Sometimes, it is simply impossible to create content that can compare to ready-made content. A single instructor simply does not have the resources that others may have, i.e., large publishing companies.

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