The Fourth Amendment Explained: US Government Review

The Fourth Amendment

  1. Watch “The Fourth Amendment Explained: US Government Review” on YouTube:
  2. Answer the following questions/perform the following tasks:
  • Write out the Fourth Amendment
  • What does the Fourth Amendment primarily deal with?
  • Why did the framers of the Constitution come up with the 4th Amendment?
  • What constitutes search and seizure?

3.  Case law look-up: Select a minimum of two cases to look up and post 2-3 paragraphs describing the case background and significant to law enforcement.

  • Mary v Smith
  • Weeks v. US
  • Mapp v. Ohio
  • Terry v. Ohio
  • Katz v. US
  • US v. Leon
  • Nix v. Williams
  • NJ v TLO
  • KYLLO v. US

Select two of the following questions to research. Post 1-2 paragraphs describing the application of the 4th Amendment and the impact upon law enforcement.

  • Can the police put a GPS on your car?
  • Can the police bring a drug-sniffing dog to your front door to establish probable cause to search?
  • Is the NSA’s data collection a violation of your fourth amendment?
  • What impact did 9/11 have on government search and seizure actions?
  • What is the impact of NJ v. TLO on privacy in schools?

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